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What is is the most robust media management system on the cloud. It allows to organize, search and distribute your photos.

What are the requirements to use is an in-browser application. So you need a browser, at least. Right now we’re optimizing for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. As well, you will need Google Drive account. That’s probably it.

How can I upload my media files?

Just drag'n'drop images straight into window, then hit Upload. To hide the panel click [I] on the keyboard. You can also upload images using Google Drive interface and desktop client, then add them in one click using Import from Google Drive feature.

What formats do you support?

See the full list of supported formats here in our blog. W support all major media formats: images, raw photos, videos, vector illustrations, fonts.

I don't have a Google Drive account. What should I do?

Just register one :) It's cool. It takes like 2 minutes, and in return you’ll get 15Gb cloud storage for free. Also, the pricing of Google is fairly reasonable.

I see a bug. How to tell you?

Please send us an email to, or mention us in Twitter. You can use whatever you like.

Where we can discuss future functionality or other questions?

There is a Feedback section in this helpdesk. We use it to aggregate tips and discuss future functionality. Feel free to engage by either adding content or upvoting things you like.

I don't want to give access to my working Google Drive account. I have much of confidential data there.

Don't worry. will only access Picsio folder inside of it.

I'm using Google Apps for work and it seems doesn't work with my account

You need to enable 3rd party apps access in your admin panel. Here is a manual from Google - Enable third-party Google Drive apps As well you need to enable option that allows to users of your organization share files outside of the organization.

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