How to enable microphone

Hi there.

Here's a quick guide on how to enable your microphone to make calls in For Chrome and Firefox.


1. Browser should notify you that our application wants to use your microphone. Click Allow to be able to talk with others.

2. If you don't see that panel, then, probably, you've disabled microphone in the past. You can figure this out checking the right corner. You should see a camera icon with X mark.

3. Click on it. Choose the first option (Ask if wants to access your microphone)

4. It will ask you to Reload the page.

5. will ask you to confirm the page reloading (it is made so you don't leave the session by accidental click)

6. Now repeat step 1.

7. If everything is done right you should see a camera icon on the right and a red blinking point on the page tab. 


1. Browser should ask you to Share Microphone with our application. Please, click the button marked by red color on the screen.

2. Then gray camera icon should become green.

3. If you click on that icon it will show you that microphone is shared. That means that you've done everything right.

4. If you don't see neither green, nor gray  camera icon - that means you've done something wrong. Reload the page (F5) and try again step 1.

Have a nice talks!

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