Getting Started

Here are a few quick tips to get you started with

  1. Import from Google Drive
  2. Batch keyword
  3. Search
  4. Create collections
  5. Share via a link
  6. Discuss in context
  7. Add teammates
  8. Use it on the go

Tip 1. Import from Google Drive

Move folders with the files you want to manage using under Picsio folder.

Tip 2. Batch keyword

Select a few images and assign them keywords.

Tip 3. Search

Search will find files by names, titles, descriptions, keywords.

Tip 4. Create collections

If you need to create custom collection, just select files and drag'n'drop to a new collection. This doesn't create duplicating files. Think about collections as tags.

Tip 5. Share via a link

Sometimes you need to show files to a person that doesn't have neither account, nor Google Drive. That's when you use "Create website" feature.

Tip 6. Discuss in context

To mark a certain area of the image, click on the (M) while you're adding your comment

Tip 7. Add teammates

Just add people as teammates and you'll be working in one library (just like on one computer).

Tip 8. Use it on the go has mobile interface. Just login on your iPhone/Android smartphone.

Thanks for watching this till end. Keep up!

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