Raw.pics.io, frequently asked questions

1. What is raw.pics.io?
This is online raw converter. That converts files from most widespread raw formats like cr2, nef, dng, orf, pef, raf etc.

2. How to use raw.pics.io?
Open raw.pics.io website in your browser. Press "Open files from computer", select file(s) that you want to convert. In a moment you will see your files on the right, selected image in the center and menu on the left.

You may switch between images clicking them in the right 'filmstrip', remove unnecessary files clicking 'x' on the thumbnails. As well you may convert files into jpg and png formats. To do that hit 'Save All' to save all the images or 'Save this file' to save selected one, in the menu on the left.

3. I paid for the service, now what?
You will get an email from us that confirms your purchase. There's a bit of instructions, just read them. If you paid but didn't get the email in 30 minutes please contact us by email support@pics.io.

4. How to enable paid functionality?
If you paid for service you are our registered user. We're identifying you by your email address. To enable paid functionality click 'Restore previous purchase' link in the left down corner of the screen, put your email address into popup that will appear and hit OK. That's it.

When you can't see 'Restore previous purchase' link in the left down corner of the screen means you're already in paid version

5. Where I can find converted files?
You will find converted files in your browser Downloads folder.

6. Can I store converted files into a folder of my choice?
Unfortunately the answer is - no. Right now browsers don't let us to customize target folder. Probably it will be changed in the future as browsers quickly evolves.

6. The app freezes, conversion is very slow or I'm getting out of memory warnings.
In most of cases that means your browser is in low memory. To fix that please close unnecessary tabs and/or restart your browser.

7. Which browsers are supported by raw.pics.io?
The app works in Google Chrome, Mosilla FireFox and Safari browsers. We recommend to use Chrome.

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